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Daniel Arvidsson, daniel.arvidsson@skb.se, +46706736250
Ingela Norrby, ingela.norrby@skb.se, +46703087887
Mats Tyrholm, mats.tyrholm@skb.se, +46703503956
Mats Ritzer, mats.ritzer@skb.se, +46708192184
Per Magnestrand, per.magnestrand@skb.se, +46706200164
Robert Lindh, robert.lindh@skb.se, +46702907824
Paula Stahre, paula.stahre@skb.se, +46767682763
Tobias Eriksson, tobias.eriksson@skb.se, +46727447100
Jan-Olof Dahlström, jan-olof.dahlstrom@skb.se, +46702702371


SKB publishes updated analysis of post-closure safety for Spent Fuel Repository

Hello there, Allan Hedin, safety analyst in SKB’s Research and Development Department. Last week, SKB published a number of n...

Published: March 3, 2023

Environmental judgement for extension of SFR

SKB was today, December 21, granted an environmental permit for an extension of the final repository for short-lived radioact...

Published: January 4, 2023

Separate judgement in nature protection case

When it emerged that three ponds will have to be filled in during the construction of the Spent Fuel Repository in Forsmark, ...

Published: January 4, 2023