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Saida Laârouchi Engström received into French Legion of Honour

On September 20, 2012, Saida Laârouchi Engström, SKB’s Vice President for Strategy and Programme, was named Knight of the French Legion of Honour. She received the decoration for her many years of contributions to France’s national nuclear waste management program and issues concerning the safety of nuclear technology.

SKBs-Saida-picture-webbSaida Laârouchi Engström was moved at the ceremony when she received France’s highest honorary decoration from the French Ambassador to Sweden before 60 invited guests.

”It was naturally a great honour for me to receive this recognition. I am pleased that my work is being appreciated and that I can contribute to France’s and Sweden’s nuclear waste management programmes to learn from each other and influence each other.”

Saida Laârouchi Engström emphasizes that she is far from being the only person at SKB who is active in the international arena. Sweden’s nuclear waste programme has a fine international reputation and many SKB employees have helped other countries advance their programmes over the years.

”But we can learn from each other just as much as we can make contributions overseas,” says Saida Laârouchi Engström. ”During the years I assisted the French programme, I learned quite a lot and I am trying to use this knowledge in my work in Sweden. An exchange like that benefits all parties.”


French Legion of Honour

The Legion of Honour is the highest order of France. It was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. The decoration is awarded for outstanding military and civil achievements.


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